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AB - Express
The long shot round for high standards. The speciality of this round is that you can choose the colour of the shell of the caliber 12: red: 3.5 mm, green: 3 mm


In 1969 Alfred Brunnsteiner initially started with a fully automatic loading machine, which has been enlarged and constantly modernized later.

Since 1982, son Ing. Wolfgang Brunnsteiner is responsible for the AB-shotgun shell production. AB-shotgun shells are appreciated by hunters and sport-shooters, the successes speak for themselves.

Main focus is always using highest quality components in order to continue to meet the decades good reputation of our brand.


    AB - Super Express
    Hochgeschwindigkeits-patrone mit hervorragender Deckung. 3,3 und 4,0 mm Schrot: Universell verwendbar

    AB - Jagd
    Kaliber .12: Speziell geeignet für leichte Flinten.
    Kaliber .16: Milde Patrone, die unter normalen jagdlichen Bedingungen ausreichende Leistung bietet.

    AB - Rekord
    Die Durchschnittspatrone im AB-Programm. Gute Deckung, Normalgeschwindigkeit, geringer Rückstoß, universal verwendbar.

    Eigenproduktion unserer AB-Munition