The team

We'll be glad to assist you!

Ing. Wolfgang Brunnsteiner

Firm owner, took over the company from his parents on 1st July, 2006.

Eveline Brunnsteiner

As the wife of Ing. Wolfgang Brunnsteiner, she attends to you in sale and is responsible for the purchase of clothing.

Martin Brunnsteiner

Martin Brunnsteiner graduated from HTL-Ferlach and is now following in the footsteps of Ing. Wolfgang Brunnsteiner.

He helps in the workshop and is responsible for thread cutting for silencers.

Gerlinde Hoitsch-Tscherner

Works in the office and gladly takes your calls.

Silvia Binder

Attends to you in sale in the morning.

Josefa Stani

Helps in the production of AB-ammunition.